If you have any wooden surface, for example, a floor, furniture or even a wood countertop you know how tough dealing with oil stains can be. Whether you’re dealing with cooking oil spills on your kitchen floor or food splatters on your hardwood table oil stains are the enemy. To remove an oil stain use mineral spirits can help dissolve it. Mineral spirits like simple paint thinner can work wonders for restoring your wood floors or furniture. If you’re dealing with a stubborn oil stain we recommend using something like fullers earth which is a clay-based material that absorbs oil. Fuller earth is simple to use just sprinkle it over the stain and leave it for at least ten minutes for it to absorb the oil. Scrub it off with a stiff bristled brush, then clean with detergent and buff dry. If the stain proves to be extra stubborn, mix in some Fuller’s earth with a little bit of water, spread it on the stain, and leave it for 24 hours before scrubbing it off the surface.