Brass is a popular metal household it’s fancy and very durable. Brass is used in many different places in your home furniture, accessories, sinks and bathtubs. Over time, brass tarnishes and loses its shine. Before cleaning, check to see if your item is solid brass, or brass-plated. Do this by grabbing any magnet and placing it on the piece. Magnets don’t stick to solid brass, so if the magnet sticks, your item is brass-plated. Knowing the difference between brass and brass-plated is important because if you scrub a brass-plated item too hard you can remove the plating. If an item is brass-plated to clean just wipe with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly the same goes for regular brass that just needs some light cleaning. For regular brass that is really dirty or tarnished, you can use commercial cleaners. Use them sparingly, though, because they’re abrasive and frequent use can scratch the surface of the brass.